Welcome to Jungian Therapy Sussex - details about our organisation

We are a group of Jungian analysts and psychotherapists all of whom trained at the Society of Analytical Psychology. We offer Jungian psychoanalysis, psychotherapy or counselling to anyone wishing to address their difficulties or to explore and develop themselves further.

Psychotherapy offers an opportunity to discuss and explore your difficulties in a safe, secure and confidential setting - to learn more about psychotherapy click here.

Jungian Psychotherapy is based on the insights and work of C.G. Jung, although there have been many developments in the field of psychotherapy in the decades since Jung lived and worked.

The training consists of at least four years of seminars and study, including a four times weekly personal analysis throughout the training, and close supervision of the trainee's work. The training offers a study of both Jungian and Freudian psychotherapy and psychoanalysis and is unique in offering this integration of all forms of contemporary psychoanalysis.